"Men have collected stones since the beginning of time and have apparently assumed that
certain ones were the containers of the life-force with all its mystery."
- Carl Jung

Stones at the Beach There is something intrinsically appealing to many of us about the rounded contours of a beach stone worn smooth by the action of ocean waves over time. We have been drawn to picking them up from beaches ever since we were children. The southern coast of Maine has some wonderful beaches covered with these stones.

Hairsticks Since the debut of her first Beach Stone Pendants in 1993, jewelry using these stones has become an important part of Elizabeth's line. Design elements are purposely kept to a minimum in these pieces in an attempt to honor the stones for their own inherent simplicity and beauty.

Beach Stone Pendant The original Maine Beach Stone Pendant has won the following design awards:

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All designs ©2009 Elizabeth Nowers

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